Rocky Theme "Backing Track"
Backing Track - Fuego "Mariano Franco"
Backing Track - Vigilia Mariano Franco "Composición Original"
La Malagueña - Backing track - Pista de acompañamiento.
El Solitario " TAB" Guitar Pro 6
Backing Track -The Godfather Theme " Acoustic"
El Solitario - Backing Track - Base Rítmica.
The Godfather - Backing Track - Pista de acompañamiento
Nostalgia - Backing Track " Completo"
La Malagueña Salerosa - Backing Track - Chingon
Romance - Backing Track Completa - Mariano Franco
Backing Track  (Vértigo) Mariano Franco
Gitana - Backing Track " Completa" ( Mariano Franco)
Twisty Death - Mariano Franco
El Solitario - Mariano Franco MP3
Godfather 2014 - Mariano Franco
Backing Track - Rocky Theme
Backing Track HD - Rolling In The Deep
Rocky Theme Guitar - Mariano Franco
Canon Rock - Final Round - Mariano Franco
Once upon a time in México - Mariano Franco


Mariano Franco.


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