Margaret De-Petro - A Talk On Trance
Opening Up Your Heart Centre To Love
Connecting With Your Intuitive Self
Exercises For Creating Empowerment - By Margaret De-Petro
The Power Of Purpose - By Margaret De-Petro
Trance Mediumship Workshop part 1 - By Margaret De-Petro
Letting Go Meditation by Margaret De-Petro
Cleansing All Limiting Beliefs Meditation
Deep Chakra Cleanse Meditation
A Journey Beyond Our Senses by Margaret De-Petro
Induction For Sleep
Introduction To Mediumship Course 1
Reiki 3 ART Yantric Meditation
The Triple Relax Induction
Hall of Akashic Records Meditation
The Candle Meditation
Transmutation By Margaret De-Petro
Crystal Cave Deep Relaxation
USUI 21 Day Cleanse
The Beach Meditation
Self Esteem Induction
Reiki II Meditation
Reiki 1 Meditation
Karuna II (symbols)
Karuna 1 - Shadow Self
Celtic Heritage Healing
Sieving The Etheric Bodies
Auras & Chakras - Exercises To See & Sense Our Energy
Cleansing The Sub-Conscious Mind
Entering Deep Trance States
Mediumship & Communication
Strengthen & Expand Your 5 Senses
Blending With Spirit
The River Meditation
The Forest - A Meditation By Margaret De-Petro
Beginners Meditation
Rain & Rainbows Meditation
Chakra Healing Meditation
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