Sample Packs

Total Drums Bundle [5 GB of drums for your sampler]
SiNTH DRoMS [25 synth & modular drum kits]
System Techno [18 raw drum kits]
Tube Drums [19 Metasonix D-1000 & D-2000 drum kits]
Blck_Noir [18 pure analogue kits]
Motor City [12 Detroit Techno construction kits]
Analog 808 [16 brutalized 808 drum kits]
Gritty Bass [166 filthy kicks and basses]
Brute Drums [24 purely analogue drum kits]
Vermona DRM [5 drumkits & 50 loops]
Dangerous Drums [20 filthy drum kits]
It's Drums [18 Techno, House & Minimal drum kits]

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