System Techno II – MPC Expansion [36 drum kits for Techno]

System Techno II brings you 36 new kits of the black beauty by Erica Synths. Instead of just sampling it again, I took the drums a step further with mixing and optimising them for real, raw und undisputed Techno, Trap and Electro-Punk.

The drums were run through outboard gear like modular tube filters, a TLA Ivory compressor, an Akai MPC 2500 and others, so they offer way more punch and clarity, while still preserving the original swing.

On top, 72 texture, rhythm and melodic loops were added, are all tuned to the same pitch, so you can instantly add them to the kits, to start combining and arranging your next track. All sounds you hear in the demo are part of the pack.

  • 36 drum kits from Erica Synths Techno System
  • 432 samples (72 kicks, 72 snares, 36 claps, 108 toms, 108 hihats, 36 rides)
  • 72 rhythm, texture and melodic loops in WAV format
  • Compatible to MPC Force, One, Live and X, as well as the controller models Renaissance, Studio and Touch. The MPC Software is supported as well
  • Extra patterns and programs for MPC 1000, 2500 and 5000
  • Audio previews and Sequences per kit
  • All samples are properly cut and mixed in relation to each other
  • Recorded through modular tube filters, a TLA Ivory tube compressor, an Akai MPC2500 and other gear for extra punch and character
  • Best suitable for Minimal and Dark Techno, Hardtek, Trap, Industrial, EBM and Electro Punk