Tube Drums – MPC Expansion [19 Metasonix D-1000 & D-2000 drum kits]

As there’s no existing sample packs for the Metasonix drummies it didn’t take me long to think about making a pack with these tube monsters. Included you find original kits of D-1000 and D-2000, as well as bundle kits, which will give you the undisputed Metasonix tube sound combined with other drums for quicker workflow. As a bonus I added some evil S-1000 Wretch Machine sounds as well. Happy destroying!

All drum kits come with 16 samples each and ready-to-go presets & patterns for the standalone MPCs Force, One, Live and X, as well as the controller models Renaissance, Studio and Touch. The MPC Software is supported as well.

  • 19 Metasonix D-1000 and D-2000 drum kits
  • One evil basses bonus kit of the S-1000 Wretch Machine
  • 320 samples altogether
  • 67 MIDI drum patterns