Nihon Complete
Nihon Standard
Nihon Rustica
Nihon Linear
Nihon Border
Nihon Standard - Thin
Nihon Standard - Regular
Nihon Standard - Medium
Nihon Standard - Light
Nihon Standard - Heavy
Nihon Standard - Bold
Nihon Rustica - Thin
Nihon Rustica - Regular
Nihon Rustica - Medium
Nihon Rustica - Light
Nihon Rustica - Heavy
Nihon Rustica - Bold
Nihon Linear - Thin
Nihon Linear - Regular
Nihon Linear - Medium
Nihon Linear - Light
Nihon Linear - Heavy
Nihon Linear - Bold
Nihon Border - Thin
Nihon Border - Regular
Nihon Border - Medium
Nihon Border - Light
Nihon Border - Heavy
Nihon Border - Bold


Malwin Béla Hürkey is a designer for visual communication currently based in Berlin. His work is focused on art direction for brand development, typography and


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