Kundalini Activation - 55 Hz - Awaken Energy at Base of Spine - Binaural Beats - Meditation Music

This MP3 will help with Kundalini Activation and contains 55 Hz known to stimulate the rise of the Kundalini Energy.

This is a complicated process that involves more than just listening to this audio track. This frequency is only designed to assist in the awakening, and not to replace actually understanding how to awaken the kundalini.

Basically the meditation would go something like ..

1. Become comfortable listening to this Music. Allow your rational mind and all the thoughts of the day to just fade away into the background.

2. Visualize a Ball of Energy starting at your base chakra (Root) and slowly rising in the form of a double helix pattern. (Dual Channels).

3. As this energy rises, it activates and cleanses all of your chakras on the way up. Visualize your chakras responding to this energy.

4. When the energy arrives at your Third Eye Chakra, turn (rotate) the energy 90 degrees so that it's coming out of the front of your forehead. The kundalini energy is designed to exit from the third eye chakra and not from the top of the crown. This is important.

5. Repeat these steps while listening to this frequency for as long as it feels comfortable.

After you finish you should have some water, and rest if you can.

30 Minute MP3