Quantum Healing - Music for Mental, Physical, and Emotional Healing - Binaural Beats Meditation

This MP3 contains frequencies which will greatly assist in Physical, Mental, and Emotional Healing.

In Yogic Tradition, the Body and Mind are not separate .. but rather the Mind or -- Consciousness -- controls the body.

The following frequencies are contained in this MP3:

528 Hz
Pure Tone
DNA Healing / Upgrade / Repair
Ancient Solfeggio Scale (Tone 5)

432 Hz
Pure Tone
Cosmic Frequency / DNA Healing

360 Hz
Pure Tone
Balance Frequency, Derived from the Golden Section
Physical Body Healing

10.5 Hz
Alpha Binaural Beats
Mind / Body Unity

8 Hz
Theta Monaural Beats
Deep Relaxation

60 Minute MP3