Crown Chakra Meditation - 432 Hz - Chakra Healing / Chakra Balancing - Meditation Music

The Crown Chakra is the doorway to Cosmic Consciousness.

In each person, this center contains the dormant capacity for Total Enlightenment.

In Yogic Tradition, this chakra is viewed as the seat of the "Self Luminous Soul", or the "True Self" .. The Essence of Mind.

Light taken in from this Chakra, balances the Pineal Gland, and Cerebral Cortex, bringing all other Chakras into balance.

In this Chakra lies our ability to tune into, and even take on different stages of being.

This is the place used by mediums to channel information.

The following frequencies are contained in this MP3:

432 Hz
Pure Tone
Crown Chakra / Cosmic Frequency

6.3 Hz
Theta Isochronic Tones
Self-Connection / Deep Relaxation

6.3 Hz
Theta Binaural Beats
Carrier Frequency: 144 Hz

60 Minute MP3