Chakra Tune Up (v.2) - Balance and Heal All 7 Chakras (Root to Crown) - Meditation Music

This MP3 contains frequencies which will Balance and Stimulate the basic 7 Chakra System.

These are the same frequencies used by Tibetan Monks in their Singing Bowl healing.

Please note that the octaves are at their baseline frequency. IE: 216 Hz, instead of 432 Crown.

432 / 2 = 216. This is done for all frequencies to keep them under 300 Hz. The benefit is exactly the same.

The following frequencies are contained in this MP3:

228 Hz
Pure Tone
Root Chakra Frequency

303 Hz
Pure Tone
Sacral Chakra Frequency

182 Hz
Pure Tone
Solar Plexus Chakra Frequency

128 Hz
Pure Tone
Heart Chakra Frequency

192 Hz
Pure Tone
Throat Chakra Frequency

144 Hz
Pure Tone
Third Eye Chakra Frequency

216 Hz
Pure Tone
Crown Chakra Frequency

7 Minute MP3