El Katana Family

Really excited to introduce El Katana is a luxury serif family with flowers in each type so you can safe more time to design and comes with much version! Comes with 72 font file, 3 weight and flourish ornament. A lot of stylish will makes this font suitable for your any project design.

Included file:

  • El Katana.ttf - otf
  • El Katana Flo.ttf - otf
  • El Katana FloOne.ttf - otf
  • El Katana Alt.ttf - otf
  • El Katana Alt Flo.ttf - otf
  • El Katana Alt FloOne.ttf - otf


  • lowercase
  • Number & Symbol
  • International Glyphs
  • Ligatures

If you need anything else just shoot me on email at: [email protected]

or find more previews on my Instagram here : https://www.instagram.com/acekelgondolayu/?hl=en

Hope you enjoy it.