I have been showing my old models in social media lately and people were starting to ask for instructions for them. So let's start with forest machine.
A forwarder is a forestry vehicle that carries big felled logs from the stump to a roadside landing. Unlike a skidder, a forwarder carries logs clear of the ground, which can reduce soil impacts but tends to limit the size of the logs it can move. Forwarders are typically employed together with harvesters in cut-to-length logging operations.

A revamped version of my model from 2009, which pictures can be found here:

2019 version has lots of new features, like working crane with claw and pendular suspension on all wheels.
Minfig can be placed in both ways, allowing to operate the crane and drive the machine :)

Model come with instructions, it was divided into several submodels for easy build.
Parts lists in Rebrickable, Bricklink XML and Brickstore versions can be found here, along with more pictures:

Sample pages: