42078 C model - Snow Plow

Alternate model for 42078 Mack Anthem

My fourth try on making one set MOC. This time Mack Anthem has been rebuilt into Mack Granite Snow plow with a very unusual trailer, inspired by Tow Plow trailers.

This model comes with variety of manual functions, which includes:

- HoG steering

- elevation of moldboards on truck and trailer

- elevation of dump bed

- four wheel steering on trailer

- front axle steering on the truck

The salt spreader is driven by truck's rear axle

The biggest challenge while building this model was to incorporate as many functions as possible within given range of parts. 2079 parts were used in total.

It does use spare parts (including x3 1L beams and few transparent pieces).
Truck can be used as a normal dump truck, after removing the salt spreader and front moldboard.

Comes with full building instructions, that are divided into submodels (like truck's chassis, cab, dump bed, trailer, moldboards).

Parts list can be found at Rebrickable: