UniWeapon - FPS, TPS & Tower Defense Unified Weapon System [ Unreal Engine 4 ]

Get 20% OFF!  Available on UE4 Marketplace ➡️ http://bit.ly/2BWKO1h   UniWeapon features a playable FPS/TPS/TD Character which has a pre-set weapons, but it uses them from a Data Table, which means it has endless possibilities! Just add a new row in the included Data Table, fill it in with the weapons and Ammo values, and you're done! Watch the Demo video for detailed instructions.

Included 6 weapon types that are using 6 separate ammo types: Bullets, Rockets, Laser Beams, Pulse Lasers, Ballistic projectiles, and Plasma projectiles.

  Technical Details


Playable FPS, TPS, or Tower Defense Character
Pre-set 6 weapons
Pre-set 6 ammo types
Data Table for easy add or edit weapons
Enemy and Friend Actors
Number of Blueprints: 12

Input: Mouse and Keyboard are preconfigured

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: PC, MAC, LINUX

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, MAC, LINUX, CONSOLES

Documentation: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VOwXO5b8k_HoknBzaRCWzwiik6mZ4Z_dd7siPhBg9gs/edit?usp=sharing

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