My Preset Pack (UPDATED w/ 127 Presets)
Ae Lessons
My CC's
My Little Witch Academia // Believe Is Your Magic
The Seven Deadly Sins // Dragon Sin
Darling in the FranXX // Dyana
Darling in the FranXX // Play Date
Devilman Crybaby // Crybaby
In Your Memory // My Collab Part
Wole Children // Snow Day
Blood C // Don't Let Love Take You
Fate Apocrypha // Regret
Re Zero // Yandere
Toradora // unexpected love
Fate/Stay Night // Unlimited Blade Works
Your Lie In April // Lie In Your Memories
Fate/Kaleid // e e v e e
No Phantom World // Mariposa
Cross Road // Charlie's BD Edit
Soul Eater // Don't be.
The Anthem of the Heart // Our Break Up
Hyouka x COD // Welcome & Goodbye
Monogatari // I Love You
Kizumonogatari // Unforgotten
Naruto // One Chance
Kizumonogatari // Red Skies
kiznaiver // Tears for Fears
Akame Ga Kill // Angel
fooly cooly // his ex girlfriend
Attack On Titan // Left Behind
Typhoon // First Star
Erased // wooden boy
tokyo ghoul // why can't I hear you
zankyou no terror// long lost september
wolf children // love story
beyond the boundary // farewell
another // guilty
beyond the boundary // till the end
kiznaiver // feel the lights
mob psycho 100 // ovogang
hxh // im blue
bakemonogatari // fancy much
date a live
akame ga kill // let me go
akame ga kill // within my blade
bleach // #bigroshicontest
cod // a d d i c t e d
naruto // despair
kizumonogatari // amonging wishes {FULL}
watamote // sellfy 2
tokyo ghoul // dark
hxh // twixtor for the run


Eveything is CC 2015 & 2017. If your having troubles with something, contact me on here and ill be sure to respond. Discord - xero#0596


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