Aerial DRONE Luts Pack - 30 luts! plus technical & bonus LUTs!

Aerial DRONE Luts Pack contains three lut’s folders for color grading.
LUTs are presets that are used as technical or grading tools for your aerial footage.

These folders are:
1) – Drone Technical LUTs - Dlog to Rec 709 (Dlog to HD and 4k video formats)
2) – Dlog to Rec 709 LUTs
3) – Rec 709 LUTs

1- Drone Technical LUTs contains 4 Luts that you can use if your aerial footage is in Dlog mode and it converts in Rec 709 retaining all the dynamic range.

2- Drone Dlog LUTs 2 Rec 709 LUTs contains 30 Luts for color grading your Dlog flat footage in Rec 709.

3 – Drone LUTs Rec 709 are the same as above color grading Luts that you can use with any drone video footage but also with some twicks with other cameras in 30 different Luts.

Compatible Video Software

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Speedgrade
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Avid Media Composer
Cyberlink ColorDirector Ultra
DaVinci Resolve
Sony Vegas
The Foundry Nuke… & more.

Compatible Image Software

Adobe Photoshop
Affinity Photo… & more.

How to apply the LUTs

You should first load the Luts in your software by copying them in the right folder, in the case of DaVinci Resolve or by Plugin as in Apple Final Cut Pro X or Adobe After Effects.
Apply the lut and make any adjustment you need like contrast and/or saturation, or leave as they are blending them with opacity in the software of your choise.
If you need to flatten your video or image use L&L Rec709 2 Flat then combine with thelLut of your choise.
Find details in your favorite NLE manual or watch on line these online tutorials:

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere & After Effects

Final Cut Pro X ( Lut Utility )

Final Cut Pro X ( Pixel Film Studio Lut Loader)


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