1) How long after the purchase, will I receive my product(s) ?
- Instantly (sometimes it takes two minutes).

2) Where will I receive my product(s) ?
- In the email address you provided when you purchased.

3) How do I download my product(s) ? 
-  In the email received, you have a "Download" button.

4) If I lose my product(s), can you resend them ?
- Yes, contact me and specify  the email used during the purchase, I will send you a new email for free.

5) Do you take commissions & requests ? (Custom creations)
- No.


6) Why renders are no longer free now ?

- The renders were a good income  (passive) for me when they were on DeviantArt, I tried to put them for free on my store after leaving DeviantArt, but there was abuse from some dishonest people. 
- To prevent further abuse, they will not be free anymore. 
- The price will remain low and it will be updated every PBE.