🎀Child Sandal Mesh 10
🎀Rainbow Child🎀 Dress, headband, sandals, earrings
🎀 Short Dress and Diaper Mesh 9
BGirl Hat Mesh 8
Headband Mesh 7
Child Mesh 6
Child sandals mesh 5
Dress Mesh V4
Dress Mesh3
Kid Earring Mesh 2
Child shoes Mesh1
B-Girl1 (Top - Short - Sandals)
B-Girl3 (Dress - Shoes with socks)
B-Girl2 (Top - Short - Hat - Sandals )
B-Girl1 (Dress - Head Tie - Shoes with socks-Pacifier)
Ebony Dress
D'arcy Dress
Casey Dress
Bahira Dress
LizboncaDesigns VIP
2 Adela PSD
2 Adela PNG


I used to be "lizbonca" on Imvu, now I use my alt account named "jayleobon". Here I'll sell imvu textures & meshes made by me.


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