Lightfinger's Expedition Set - Novation Peak 64 Patches

Lightfinger’s Expedition Set showcases the amazing sonic capabilities of the Novation Peak synthesizer with 64 original patches.

There are a variety of inspirational patches including moving pads, cutting leads, powerful basses and original effects.

Modulations have been intricately assigned to Velocity, Aftertouch, ModWheel and both of the Animate Pads.

All of the modulations work together to make extremely expressive and dynamic patches.

The Zip file contains 64 patches in sysex format both as a bank as well as individual patches. To load these sounds into your Peak you can use the Components app from Novation or any sysex software.

Peak Firmware Version 1.2 or higher required.

0. Circulon MOTION
1. Jagged Ocean MOTION 
2. Telephase POLY
3. Cosmosys MOTION
4. Cobra Kai ARP
5. Brutalisk BASS
6. Cascade ARP
7. Ziggurat MOTION
8. Krypto Lead LEAD
9. Hinterland MOTION
10. Mondo Bass BASS
11. Supra Lead LEAD
12. Shimmer MOTION
13. Power Up/Down SFX
14. Velvet Pulse POLY
15. Cloud Pad PAD
16. Organelle POLY
17. Charmed POLY
18. Majestic Lead LEAD
19. Anger Mgmt BASS
20. Dreamspace MOTION
21. Burblex MOTION
22. FuzzRust POLY
23. Akashic Arp ARP
24. Exoplanet MOTION
25. Quixlan POLY
26. Digital Grace PAD
27. Fatluck POLY
28. PulseFlex MOTION
29. Bass Force BASS
30. Sonix SFX
31. Farpoint MOTION
32. Retweet EP KEYBOARD
33. Flashback ARP
34. Racer X BASS
35. Mellow Gold POLY
36. Moonrise MOTION
37. Reflex Lead LEAD
38. Wusiguo MOTION
39. Soft Focus POLY
40. Helena ARP
41. iCritterz SFX
42. Dirty Fun BASS
43. Flutterby MOTION
44. Geodesic Tone POLY
45. Phazed MOTION
46. Dive In MOTION
47. Bass4YourFace BASS
48. The Hive POLY
49. Emperor Epic MOTION
50. Universed PAD
51. Organized KEYBOARD
52. Apex Arp ARP
53. Bass Funkerz BASS
54. Solar Wind SFX
55. Photon Stab SFX
56. Stryke Pulse MOTION
57. Gemini POLY
58. Symbiosis PAD
59. Polaris PAD
60. Zenith POLY
61. Mysterion MOTION
62. Cluster MOTION
63. Space War SFX

All patches created by Matthew ‘Lightfinger’ Hurtgen in 2019.
For Tecnical Support Email: [email protected]