THE EVOLUTION PACK for Novation Circuit consists of
64 Dynamic Patches, 16 Sessions and 7 Sample Sets.
Also included are Patch, Sample Set, Sessions Save Sheets.

64 PATCHES including moving pads, dirty basses and powerful leads that are suitable for Synthwave, Techno, Electro, House, Trap, Experimental, Industrial, IDM, Funk, Electronica, EDM, Ambient and other electronic genres.

7 SAMPLE SETS with over 380 dynamic samples featuring
Hi-Tech Hits, Sci-Fi Stingers, FX Stabs, Electronic Percussion & Tonal Elements.
 - Evolution Sample Set - Classic and electronic percussion, hi-tech hits & FX stabs
 - Distructo Sample Set - An aggressive kit featuring a ‘stereo’ sample on Pads 63 (Left) & 64 (Right).
 - Electro Fun Sample Set - Synthetic percussion showcase
 - High Score Sample Set - Get your coins ready for an old-school arcade adventure
 - Planet X Sample Set - Use your Circuit to scan the surface for signs of life
 - Scientifix Sample Set - Field recordings from Saturn the Robot’s home planet
 - More Cowbell Sample Set - 62 Cowbells + 2 SECRET BONUS SAMPLES
16 SESSIONS in various musical styles using the Evolution Patches and Evolution Sample Set. Also included are 16 ‘blank’ metronome Sessions.

1. Newton 126 BPM
2. Moonrise 133 BPM
3. Outlands 130 BPM
4. Recon One 143 BPM
5. Gravity Assist 113 BPM
6. Multi-Cell 130 BPM
7. Now Boarding 112 BPM
8. Ocean Drive 95 BPM
9. Sea of Space 120 BPM
10. Force Field 121 BPM
11. Cosmosys 128 BPM
12. Sidetracked 113 BPM
13. Moments In Time 120 BPM
14. Monkey Funk 120 BPM
15. Autocrest 132 BPM
16. Orbit 100 BPM

Macro 1 controls the FILTER CUTOFF
Macro 2 controls the FILTER RESONANCE
Macro 3 will change the LENGTH of the sound (AMP RELEASE)
Macros 4, 5 & 6 are MYSTERY MACROS that are programmed specifically for each patch and are carefully designed to create dynamic and interesting changes to the sound
Macro 7 controls the CHORUS EFFECT level
Macro 8 adds DISTORTION and makes the sound more aggressive

Novation Circuit Sessions Sheet
Novation Circuit Patches Sheet
Novation Circuit Sample Set Sheet

Download includes individual patch files as well as single bank files in a ZIP file that will need to be extracted.

To use these Sample Sets you will need a Novation Circuit and a computer that is capable of sending SYSEX files to it.

You are buying the right to use these Patches, Sessions and Sample Sets. They are under the copyright of Lightfinger/Matthew Hurtgen and no one else has ownership. You are buying a license to use these Circuit Patches, Sessions and Sample Sets in any musical way you choose, forever. The license is only valid for the user/organization who purchases it from Lightfinger/Matthew Hurtgen. If you give away or sell these Sample Sets you are still the holder of the license, not the new user. Please do not give away these Sample Sets.

The Lightfinger Evolution Pack will be emailed within 24 Hours to the email address that you provide. You will also be sent a link to a download page. Please allow 30 minutes before contacting us if anything goes wrong with the download and please remember to check your spam folder.

First, unzip the file '’ onto your hard drive and remember where you unzip it to.
Next, use the Novation Circuit Components app to select the desired patch or patch bank to load onto Circuit:

To load a Sample Set, select the desired Sample Set to load onto Circuit using the Novation Components App:

All Sales Are Final. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange after purchase.

The Christopher Walken / Saturday Night Live “More Cowbell” samples from the More Cowbell Sample Set are not cleared. Use them at your own risk.

If you need assistance please email us at [email protected]