Lightfinger's Novation MiniNova / Ultranova Soundset 1


This is a collection of 76 patches I have created for the Novation MiniNova & UltraNova synthesizers. It is an ecclectic mix of sounds - pads, leads, crazy sfx and rhythmic stuff. I took time to program velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, and animate for each one. I hope you enjoy them!

1. Zephyr Pad - Airy HPF Pad with filter cut with aftertouch
2. Colorful Lead - Um, a colorful lead
3. Focustra - Legato patch with brightness on velocity, aftertouch and mod wheel
4. Axle Z Lead - Edgy lead from the past for the future
5. FunkyGarbler - This is a dark yet musical patch
6. 80's ArpHarp - For OMD
7. TrappedInVoid - Amazing atmospheric soundscape generator - try staccato
8. FatFuzzBass - Huge bass with filter cut with aftertouch
9. PulserStabs - The pulsing is created by the LFO, not the arp, so interesting pulse variants with occur if you offset notes
10. Light Cycles - The Light Cycles from Tron! Use the pitch bend to rev and change gear, SPECIAL: Use mod wheel for turbo!
11. Bowed Formant - Both organic and synthetic, this patch opens up with aftertouch
12. Droid Farm - The best droid noises I have ever created on any synth. Use "Animate" to acquire your own R2 unit.
13. Circle/Dot - Minimal slippy rounds... hold awhile for a legato change
14. Lovely Mono - Just Can't Get Enough
15. Farther East - Chime On!
16. Metropolis - A beautiful, complex twinkler. Mod wheel takes the pad away...
17. Dirty Crunch - A distorted monophonic sound that is good for bass or stabs
18. Pulse Valley - An analog sounding pulse that stays with you
19. Alien Swarm - One sting will kill you
20. 13 O'Clock - Try aftertouch for 23% inverse brain warp Plus 47 more!  2019
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