Lightfinger's Novation Bass Station II Super Soundset

128 diverse patches for the Novation Bass Station II analog synthesizer as a bank and as individual patches.
Velocity, aftertouch, and mod wheel have all been programmed for super maximum sonic expression.

Patch List:
1 Perfecto - A staccato bass or lead from the past for the future
2 Bass 4 Your Face - A big, fat, dirty bass for all occasions
3 S + H Pulse Bass - Tempo synced electro robo-babble
4 Aggressive Drop - Grungy pulsing bass for dubstep and friends
5 Cutter Bass - A funky bass with phased character
6 Big Wall - Anthem-ready 5th interval wall
7 Cubik - Recreation of 808 State's iconic sound
8 Bleep Bloop - Tempo synced 3 octave arp effect without using an arp
9 Gut Punch - A hard electronic synth tom
10 Bounce Bright - Seriously fat lead or bass with the mod wheel for detune
11 Mosquito - Bandpass the bug with the mod wheel
12 Growler - A funky bass or lead that is good for all EDM
13 Quick Stab Bass - An edgy electro stab that with attitude
14 Solid Solo - A good all-around classic lead that will take you back
15 Laser Game - Classic video game laser effects. Good for electro toms.
16 Sub Bass - How low can you go? Subwoofer recommended.
17 Shark Attack - An aggressive Prodigy-style lead
18 Punch Up - Mod wheel bends the pitch of the sound both up and down
19 Slow-Burn - An expressive patch with a long attack
20 Jumper - A punchy, snappy, dirty little octave arp
21 Mellow Gold - Flute-like lead for those special times
22 5th Element - An cutting, expressive bass or lead with the funk
23 Mutant Trumpet - A synth brass instrument that has been dropped
24 Nighthawks - Classic 80's arpeggiation for a classic 80's sound
25 Mad Blaster - Velocity sensitive band-pass blaster fire
26 The King's Lead - Old School Lead
27 Shocker Bass - A nasty, colorful sawtooth for modern EDM
28 Organ-ic - A funky bass or lead with nice harmonics
29 Mod Screamer - Make your BS II scream with the mod wheel
30 Hans Solo - A perfect old school lead destined for great solos
31 Chaser Arp - Slowly evolving sound with added color from the mod wheel
32 Synced Pulse - A nasty, cutting sound with aftertouch to LFO rate
33 Octavian - An edgy octave jumper that doesn't use the arpeggiator
34 Fuzzy Wubbler - Dirty dubstep wub with LFO rate controlled by aftertouch
35 Funny Bone - Retro lead and bass for synth pop lovers
36 Computron - Processing Data... Please Wait...
37 Chipmunk - A silly little hip hop lead
38 Haunted Siren - Cool effect that goes up and down at the same time
39 Level Up! - Get the mushrooms, Mario!
40 Drunk Bee - The funny, percussive sound only a drunk bee can make
41 The Singer
42 Sequoia
43 Angry Giant
44 Snap B
45 SimonSaysArp
46 Quirk
47 Bog Bass
48 Mad Quacker
49 Snappy Bass
50 Chem Freq
51 Hyperdriver
52 Frunky
53 Bass Bot
54 Double Lover
55 Screech
56 Loner
57 Fat Charlie
58 Bumpy Tail
59 BigBadBill
60 Biggums
61 Mr Angry
62 Sweeper Bass
63 Speeder Pods
64 Noise Pop
65 Eminent
66 Mr Mean
67 Bass Jumper
68 Eff You
69 Expressor
70 Mr Friendly
71 General Lead
72 Super Lead
73 Funkify
74 High Passer
75 Bouncy
76 Bubble Up
77 Mr Nasty
78 Sync Funk
79 Plissken
80 Mr Happy
81 Super Funk
82 Player 1 Start
83 Gigantor
84 Hollownet
85 TommyTomz
86 Funkified
87 Monolith
88 Liquid Funk
89 Flooter
90 BouncerBass
91 Stecco
92 Fat Ass
93 Gnarlead
94 C Method BP
95 Shocker BP
96 Mysterio
97 SineLine
98 Arrow Lead
99 Blue Whale
100 TriPulse Bass
101 Mr Big
102 Yar
103 Mr Funk
104 Mr Burble
105 Dub Pulse
106 Everest Lead
107 Good Lead
108 2nd Life
109 Sleepy Bass
110 Squidtastic
111 Spudboy
112 Duality
113 Afterburn
114 Fembot
115 Bumble
116 Mrs Thick
117 BassForceOne
118 SMKR
119 Mr Bounce
120 Quarter Pulse
121 SlicerBass
122 Psychosis
123 New Enemy
124 RiseFall
125 Serious Lead
126 Master Lead
127 Chaser
128 BumbleBug

To use these patches you will need a Novation Bass Station II and a computer that can send SYSEX files to it.

Terms & Conditions:
You are buying the right to use these patches. The patches are under the copyright of Lightfinger/Matthew Hurtgen and no one else has ownership. You are buying a license to use these patches in any musical way you choose. The license is only valid for the user/organization who purchases it from Lightfinger/Matthew Hurtgen. If you give away or sell these patches, you are still the holder of the license, not the new user of the patches. Please do not give away these patches.

Our refund policy is All Sales Final. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange after this period. 

Our products are emailed within 24 Hours to the email address you used. You will also be sent a link to a download page. Please allow 30 minutes before contacting us if anything goes wrong with the download and remember to check your spam folder. If you need further assistance please email us at [email protected]

First, unzip the file 'Lightfinger BS II Super' onto your hard drive and remember where you unzip them to.
Next, use the Novation BSII Librarian to load the patches onto the synth:

The patches can be transferred without the BSII Librarian as well.
For Windows installation information please go to:
For Mac installation information please go to: