Korg Opsix - "CyberKorg" 50 Presets & Sequences

"CyberKorg" is our first soundset from the Korg Opsix series made by
Anton Sacral Reason & Nick Chronos - creators of Cinematica, Ambika, Wavestate sounds.

This soundset dedicaited to more powerful & agressive tones from the CyberPunk culture.

Inside of the soundset:

Almost every preset containis dedicaited sequence 


Massive strings & lush pads

Razor leads & plucks

Low & neurotic basses
Arps & modular sounds

Even 10 Drums & Grooves as a Bonus for this pack.

50 single presets + 10 grooves -
60 Presets in total!

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May the inspiration be with you!