Nord Lead A1 "BladeRunner2049" Soundset 50 patches

Download demo! Test some working presets.

A1 - great, deep & massive synthesizer.

Close your eyes & you have real feeling that you playing real analog synthesier.

We prepare 50 great professional presets under the inspiration of "Bladerunner 2049" movie & music of Hanz Zimmer.

Really huge & powerful strings & pads.

Powerful & analogish arpegios.

Deep basses & leads.

Moving Sequences.

For uploading presets you will need Nord Sound Manager.

Inside of archive - single presets & whole bank.      


Created by LFO Store - Nick Klimenko & Andrey Ledenev.      


Patch List:


2049 Arp
2049 Pluck2
2049 Pluck
Analog Arp
Analog Pluck
Arp Wheel
Blade Runner2049#1
Blade Runner2049#2
Blade Runner2049#3
Blade Runner2049#4
Blade Runner2049#5
Blade Runner2049#6
Blade Runner2049
Deep Pad
Detune Bass
Detune Lead
Distorted Poly
Dream Pad
Drift String
Dynamic Arp
Future Melotron
Klauss Soul
Lead Glide
Mod Arp
P5 Lead
Pad Wide
Phaze Arp
Phaze String
Phazing Pad
Random Arp
Rare Pluck
Saw Bass
Short Pluck
Soul Drops
Structure Pad
Sync Lead
Sync Sequence
Tyrell String
Uni Bass
Uni String
Unison Arp
Up Arp
Vintage Soul
Vintage String
Wheel Arp

Reviews from Youtube

great patches, and great demo

Don't like the nord lead series that much, but the nord lead a1 sounds great!
Snupps Synth channel

Great set, highly recommended.

Nice work! Did you get any copyright strikes for this?
Rok Koritnik

Awesome 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Robin Polarstern

These would be great if for Nord Lead...
Dan L

I think it does sound great for vintage, beautiful rich pads.
9 Odyssey

I likely the swells
Daniel Cavazuti

nice soundset just bought it of you thanks :-)
Jan E

Nice - I guess it will not work with Stage 3? It has the AI ?

Is this analog or digital synth?

Do we hear the internal reverb οr a software?
Great sounds.
Ares Kalogeropoulos