Waldorf Blofeld "Organica" 128 presets

Get ready for Organic Sounds! Waldorf Blofeld is one of the most interesting V.A. ever made.

128 exclusive sounds in different categories: modular sequences, organic arps, great deep & spacey pads, vintage strings, ambient bells, fx's & vintage leads made by Nick Klimenko aka. Chronos

All is responsible with modulation wheel & tempo synced!

Audio demo: https://soundcloud.com/lfostore/waldorf-blofeld-organica-128-presets-by-chronos

Reviews from YouTube

I am so glad that you made the Organica soundset for Blofeld to open it’s potential. Your soundset is actually one of the reasons why I bought my copy of Blofeld module. 
Best wishes,
Ondrej Konrad

Some cool Berlin School style sequencing going on her. Loved it that much I have scheduled a tweet for you over on my Twitter feed.
Adrian Earnshaw Music

Great music Nick! These must be a favorite synth. I have system 1 and system 8 on my desk in front of me right now. Also, the Bass Station II. Need the Blofeld lol

Hear some very nice Berlin School sequences there, my thumbs are up, cheers!!!
Denis Polic

Well done, sounds great.

Very Nice! Cool!
Marco Bauer

Sounds fantastic! Glad I found this. Regards.
Peter Bajzek

Great job!! System 1 sounds like the effects are quite good!
Mind Modem

Bel. Saund... Brav00.
Frank Tony

Greetings from Germany! Like your stuff!
Just Michael

Wow. Sound design monster!
Shadow Pilot

Omg...listening on high-end headphones…crisp …creamy…wow
Jet Lee

Waldorf Blofeld is one of the most interesting V.A. ever made: True!!!

Full and meaty
Funk Tree

The arp at 1:50 with the pitch bends is so cool. I would love to recreate that
Hogman 5000

2 best bits of relatively low cost bits I’ve ever bought, Blofeld and Volca Keys… Must haves!
Rob Smiff

Nice patches! I'll have to check em out after I try the other thousand patches I haven't tried yet 🙄
Chris Strobel

Great sounds. Great synth!!!!!!!
Pedro H

Nick's presets I just installed them, and they are some best. Highly recommend. I sold my white Blofeld and regretted it. Now I own the black version and really enjoy it. I won't ever sell mine again.
George Armstrong

Great demo 👍🏻 can you use the arp on different channels simultaneously playing different melodies using the Multi timbral capacity?
Thomas Ekman

Excellent presets, well done :-)

Great sounds, love the Waldorf stuff.

These are the best Blofeld patches I've heard. Atmo is beautiful.

Loving the arps/seqs. There's good music here, not just sounds
glen alexander

Atmo is amazing!
glen alexander

I love the sounds! Do i need the Sample-Licence for the soubdbank?
Tobias Cowan

Very juicy soundset indeed. Very interested. One question, though: will this come with multiple bank files, so I can choose which bank to load it into, or is it just a bank A pack?
Claes Kilbuck

This guy really likes the mod wheel
marc weiss

Very nice soundset ! I would buy your sounds... Will sent you an email.
Johan Germis

I bet the verb is not from blofeld... Nice but short piece :)
Funk Tree

great sound!

We are... The soul. Beautiful Sweep Pad. Clean pad en melo. Great Job.
Jan pieter Nieman