Zoom MS-70CDR - "Galactic Spaces" 50 presets

50 custom presets made for wonderfull pedal Zoom MS-70 CDR
by Nick Klimenko, www.lfo.store Team.

Using algorhytms like:

Pith Shifters
Black Hole
Different Types of Reverberation
& Chorusing

You can dive your instrumet (synth or guitar) into cosmic abyss
to create deep ambient landscapes or play live.

All the presets can be easily loaded via usb inside the pedal
using this wondefull resource:

For this demo we used Korg Monologue synth with its dry initial sound.
So all the fx you hear - are going from Zoom MS-70 CDR, tempo synced.
Buy: https://sellfy.com/p/kDxt/
Coast: 10 $
Presets Preview Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pO_cgZQzqY Soundcloud demo: https://soundcloud.com/lfostore/sound Patch List attached (see picture)   Feedbacks:   The Drümünkey
Great sounds!   noel carl dorado
Amazing Presets 👍   eyeorderchaos
Very nice!