Korg Arp Odyssey - 70 Massive Patches

Download demo! Test some working presets.

70 Massive & versatile patches for Korg Arp Odyssey!  

Our soundset is also working with original Arp Odyssey Model (all revisions).  

One of the greatest paraphonic analog synthesizers of 70’s resurrected from ashes, thanks to Korg & Behringer – is now having second life!  

Due to its original schematics & sound it was a competitor to a Moog Model D for a long time and still sounds incredible and modern.  

LFO team members – Nick & Kirill
created a professional booklet ready to print to explore all deepness of possibilities of Odyssey.  

Sounds splitted into categories: powerfull analog basses, sync leads, musical plucks, s&h movements, auto-sequences, fx’s, pads & drones.

Each sound has 1-2 modificators for tonal change and shaping overall sound.    

We made a Professional Booklet - you can print it or use on your computer. All sounds are categorized by types & very intuitive for creation.  

Also inside the pack - blank sheet for your own patch creation.    
Dedicaited to the original ARP Creator – Alan Perlman, who died on January 5th, 2019 at the age 93.    

Enjoy new sounds, re-discover your Odyssey and have fun!


Reviews from YouTube

Perfection! I love this demo!
Rik Marston Official

Love it!
Digital Factor

Bel. Saund...

Eres un puto genio.

You guys always have great patches. You captured the dirty and clean of this synth. Looking forward to ordering the patch book.
Aaron Foltz

8:00 Beautiful Bass and very good patches.
Obscurus Sanctus

Fat, JUICY. Great presence. The only analogue mono I want to own.

Quite nice patches.
Paphun Dekel