Nick Klimenko's AMBIENT FACTORY for NI Kontakt

A one year work result of sound-design, recording, morphing & mixing with sound waves from analog, digital & vst synthesizers & live instruments (different wind bells).

The library contains over 500 sounds in wave format & 555 patches adapted to the NI Kontakt 4 sampler. The palette of sounds is very wide -- from analog strings, dreamy pads to another world sounds, re-sampled landscapes, moving sounds, wind bell pads & soviet synth sounds. This library is a great add-on for the creation of atmospheres, deepness, intro's & outro's in your music. However in the hands of experienced musician it can be an independent source for creation of whole track.

Nick Klimenko put all his patience, knowledges & creativity to make you happy during playing with the musical pieces!

List of used equipment: Novation Nova, Access Virus B, Arturia Analog Factory Experience, Yamaha AN1X, Roland JX-3P, Roland V-Synth 2.0, Korg Polysix vsti, NI Massive, Junost, Junost 75, different windbells (small, big & huge)

A full version of Kontakt 4 or newer is required (not compatible with Kontakt Player Free!)

Strings Synthesizer


File sizes (compressed):
Kontakt: 3,23 GB

Systemrequirements "Kontakt Format":
A full version of Native Instruments "Kontakt" is required for unlimited functionality!

Please notice: With the free Kontakt Player you can play this library in demo/test mode only!  


Feedbacks:   Chos Sku Tshad-ma
well done!!

norbert tomo

fronerpub diolakla


Telmo Gama
This is a beautiful patch collection for Kontakt.