ROLI Equator Soundset - Impression Vol.1 by Anton Anru

Impress people with your ROLI !

Welcome to the new sounds for ROLI Equator

The soundset includes 50 presets: Arps, Keys, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Percussions, FXs.

Loud and rich presets, 5D parameters are thoroughly set. 
All 3 Macros and X/Y are used in each preset. 

They may be used with any ROLI devices: Seaboard Blocks, Rise, Lightpad, Grand.

Supported by Equator Player and Equator Full Version.

Created by Anton Anru:
[email protected]

Unzip the file.
Put all 50 presets in folder:
Mac: Documents - ROLI - Equator - Presets
Windows: Documents - ROLI - Equator - Presets
Now you can find the presets in your Equator Browser.