VBSN Annual Sponsored Membership - Pay what you want

The Virtual Big Sister Network (VBSN) Annual Sponsored Membership gives an opportunity for a sister to join for One year at no cost to her thanks to your generous donation! 

This product is "Pay what you want", so if you are wanting to give an amount other than a full annual membership ($244.99), you can give what you want, whether that's more or less than an annual membership! 

By gifting this sponsorship, we award people who have applied for a scholarship.  If you would like to fund someone particularly, just send us an email at [email protected] with the subject line "Sponsorship Specific". Thank you for your generosity! 

VBSN Mission is:
We bring together driven women seeking support in their self-discovery journey who want to achieve mental and emotional wellness by connecting with like-minded change-makers and becoming more emotionally intelligent so that they can align with their purpose, take action on their dreams, serve others wholeheartedly, and create a more compassionate world!

This network was built by a group of women JUST LIKE YOU, who have experience creating safe space for people to self-discovery!

It is for anyone craving community or seeking sisterhood with other women who hold similar values and have similar desires to create a positive impact.

To check out more about the Virtual Big Sister Network, Click here!