Personal Check-In

This 6-page packet is a great tool to use if you're feeling overwhelmed with an emotional event or are struggling with a difficult season. It is filled with prompts to help you identify the issues, analyze your behavior, and create a new game plan to help you cope and move forward.

Change is an uncomfortable thing for anyone at any time. Humans are creatures of habit and resist change - especially when it is accompanied by the major stresses of a traumatic experience (triggers) or a stressful season (death of a loved one, moving, etc.)

However - there is always a lesson to learn in change, and it is in the discomfort that we grow and are forced to get to know ourselves on a deeper level. And, an increased level of self-awareness is always a good thing.

We cannot control outward circumstances, but we CAN control how we respond to those circumstances. 

This packet will help you take inventory of your needs, acknowledge what has changed and guide you to create action steps to move forward. More importantly, there is space to process what you are experiencing and to check in on your own behaviors. 

What's Inside:

  • Process the Event
  • Process Emotions
  • Look to the Future
  • Develop Mission Statement
  • Plan" Start, Stop, Continue"

Adapted from the "Self-Isolation Check-in Packet"