Mental Health Bundle

The Mental Health Bundle is meant to bring stability, structure, hope, and gratitude into your daily life to help you feel encouraged, energized, and give you a sense of accomplishment!

If you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A lot of people wrestle with this, include me at times! If you feel empowered by crossing off tasks and setting intentions, then this bundle is for you.

What's Inside?
There are 4 templates included and an instruction packet.
  • The Daily Reflection Sheet (Print 7!)
  • The Energy Inventory (Print 1)
  • The Self-Care Checklist (Print 1)
  • The Monthly Mood Tracker (Print 1)
  • BONUS: "How I Won Today" Journal Sheet (Print 1)

By purchasing this bundle you are committing to your mental health and accepting the challenge to do your BEST! Remember, showing up is half the battle. Keep showing up!

*** If you're looking for noticeable progress, I encourage you to complete, at minimum, 7 days of Daily Reflection Sheets. 

P.S. If you purchase this bundle, you can get the Personal Check-in Packet for 50% off! The two work really well together and it's perfect to use when you are coping with an emotional event.