Beat Insecurities

This worksheet is meant to be a reflection tool and guide to identifying, preventing, and wrestling with insecurities.
How to Use This Worksheet:
  • "Things That Make Me Feel Insecure": Identify moments or actions that trigger a feeling of shame, embarrassment, self-doubt. Write them in this box, then try to find the common denominator - maybe it's that you don't like the way you look or don't think you're smart enough. There might be a few things or a lot of things.

  • "Truths to Remember": Identify the TRUTH about those things that impacted you in the box above. Try to be objective here.
    ex: Insecurity "I feel insecure in my bathing suit because everyone thinks I'm too fat or too skinny" Truth " most people are too busy worrying about themselves to judge what I look like" OR "My body is perfectly made" OR "My body allows me to swim! and I love to swim"
    It might also help to think about what would you tell your little sister or brother if they were experiencing what you wrote above.

  • "Prevention Methods": What are some things you can implement in your day to day life that can help you get out of that insecure mindset? What are the things you can do before you are triggered? Also, write down why those things are important.
    ex: Affirmation cards in the morning to put me in the right mindset during the day. 3 deep breaths when I see bullies walking down the hall to remind myself that I am strong.

  • "Tools to Use When I feel Sad":  These are things to do in the moments you are feeling bad or down on yourself. What are some things that you love, make you laugh, remind you of your strength and how much you are loved?
    ex: 3 deep breaths when I see bullies walking down the hall to remind myself that I am strong. Get 3 hugs from friends.

    This worksheet will not make insecurities go away, but it will give you the tools to be strong in the face of triggers and fear. With practice, you can actually shift your mindset and feel confident in things you used to struggle with! This is a starting point, and some days are better than others. What counts is that you keep showing up.