Into The Darkness - PDF

*Note: Honesty + Integrity needed. 1 purchase = 1 person. Feel free to print out as many copies as you wish but please do not share them. The price of $7 is to keep this book accessible for anyone who needs it. Please allow people to take responsibility for their own healing and purchase their own book.*

What's Inside?
This is a PDF that will allow you to print the workbook in its original format.
Inside you'll find:
1.  A 5 part story about a girl named Ana.
2. A section of questions to urge you to reflect and heal. They are broken up into sections.

Although it is entirely possible to read through the entire book in an hour or so, I recommend that you read one section and answer the corresponding questions and then take a break. Take your time with it. This is a journey inward. It will be hard, allow for emotions to come up and explore them. The space between you, your pen, and the page is safe.

If you would like a bound, softcover copy of the book, follow this link to purchase on Amazon.

Letter from the Author:

My dear reader,
I don’t know how this book came into your hands. I imagine that you or someone close to you has hurt deeply at some point in time and because of that, my heart breaks for you. The pain you’ve experienced, I have also experienced.
Let me tell you a little bit about my story and how this book came to be… I was raped during my first year of college by my boyfriend at the time.

At first, it didn’t feel like rape, it felt like a betrayal. I told myself to forget about it and move on, but instead, I began drowning myself in alcohol and male attention. I then realized that I had become totally numb and I was scared of the fact that nothing seemed to interest me or make me happy anymore. Eventually, I started therapy, and with my therapist's guidance I began to build the courage to face my story, and figure out better coping methods. I danced and kept a blog about my journey of self-discovery and the challenges I faced along the way. That blog (which I still post on today) was the seed. I never expected people to actually read it, but after a few months I started to get responses from people - friends and strangers - telling me how much they appreciated my honesty and openness, and how much better they felt knowing they were not alone.

Our stories may be very similar or very different, but in the end, that’s not the point. The journey to healing is one that has completely changed my life and it will change yours too. If anything, I want you to know that not being okay is okay. Into the Darkness was created to help you get there, while also letting you rest and just be. I wrote this book to give you something that can help you make sense of things, to rebuild yourself, and to move forward – out of the darkness and into the light. It is important to note that this is not an end-all solution to your pain and doesn’t have all the answers – actually, it doesn’t have any answers, only questions. I believe that you have the answers; you just need the right tool to find them.

Think of this as a tool, and to use it to its full potential, you must be honest with yourself. You must be willing to dig down deep and face some uncomfortable moments and memories. Take it at your own pace, be confident in your own answers, and be willing to learn from and support others.

Most importantly, you must desire to heal. I can’t stress that enough. You have to really want this because it’s not going to be easy. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. This book, Into the Darkness, was written with the intention to give other people a community that can relate to you and understands the things you are going through even if they didn’t have the same experience.

This was something I desperately needed when dealing with the brunt of my own suffering. So grab a friend, join a group, or start your own circle of survivors to walk with you on this journey. This book was made for you and others who feel lost, alone, and hopeless, to remind you that you are worthy and in good company. To remind you that even though healing looks different for every single person, you can still support and encourage others in their growth and healing, and be supported in your journey as well. In order to find our way out of the darkness, we must understand what it is and how we got there in the first place.

As you read, I encourage you to mark up the text. Each element introduced is another opportunity for you to connect Ana’s story to the emotions, thoughts, and experiences you’ve had. Think about overarching themes, representations, and find your story in Ana’s journey.

You are unique, made with a purpose, loved and worthy.
This is your story.
I wrote this for you.
With love, Annabelle

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