Daily Reflection Notepad



The Daily Reflection Sheet Notepad is meant to supercharge your morning and round out your night.  When I created this worksheet I was struggling to find a routine and because of that, I felt like I hadn't accomplished anything. I felt lost, and like life was starting to become pretty meaningless. By setting aside the time to create this I learned what motivated me, what gave me energy, and what might get in the way of my sense of accomplishment for that day. If you are feeling that same sense of overwhelm or discouragement, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A lot of people, (if not everyone) wrestle with this. If you feel empowered by crossing off tasks and setting intentions, then this worksheet is for you.


Size: 8.5 x 11 in
#of Sheets: 40


Quick Reflection: This section is to quickly jot down any "left-over" thoughts. Bit of dreams you remember, ideas you have, or random things on your mind. If you can't think of anything, dump whatever is on your heart or do a quick body scan.
Tasks: There are 4 things to do before you even get out of bed that helps you start the day off on the right foot, and there's room to add your own if needed! ("3 Deep Breaths" = Meditation or focusing on breathing)
How will you move your body today?: Pretty self-explanatory - Movement help circulate blood and can increase energy and mood! I used to go to the gym in the mornings and jot down what muscle group I'd focus on before I went into this space.
Intention for the day: Say hello to the universe or ask for support & guidance for the day, or write an encouraging quote!
Top 3 Goals: Top 3 Things you would like to accomplish (check the box when you've done them!) I recommend doing the hardest one first!)
Gratitude: Can be completed in the morning if you need an extra mood/mindset boost, or at night! (or both)
Lesson Learned: Your soul's purpose on earth is to grow and learn. But if we don't reflect on the lessons the universe is trying to teach us, we are bound to make that same mistake over again.
How Did You Move Toward Your Goals?: Some accountability for those things you have set out to accomplish!