Vision Packet 2019

What's inside?:

- 12 Pages total
- 2x 2018 Reflection Pages
- 2019 Theme Page
- Project Focus Page
- 4 Individual Quarter Pages

About the Packet:

This "Vision Packet" is the first tool I've created and released to help you work through ideas and figurative roadblocks to chase your dreams and uncover your purpose in the coming year.

I created this packet sort of by accident... it started out as a very intense personal goal setting session alone in my apartment and then evolved into something that is way cooler and much more forgiving than "New Years Resolutions" 

The Vision packet gives you an opportunity to highlight and reflect on the experiences from the past year, but it also helps you build goals and map out big visions based on the seasons of life. 

It's truly the only goal setting tool I've seen that breaks goal setting down into 4 quarters. This is a big deal because it forces you to take flexibility and change into consideration when mapping out your goals.

This packet is available for free because I genuinely want to create sh*t that works for people because I believe when we are all pursuing our purpose in life, the world becomes a much more loving and understanding place.