2021 Yearly Reflection Journal (Digital)

It's here! The 2021 Vision Journal has arrived and is more powerful than ever!

The Vision Journal is designed with 18 different exercises to guide you through reflection, intention setting, and get into alignment with your highest self to live out the divine plan for your year.

Inside these 48 pages, you'll find designated sections for establishing core values, goal setting, mapping out your priorities, and practical things you can do to stay inspired and have the accountability to become who you want to be in 2021.

PART 1: REFLECTION - Remember and appreciate what the past 12 months have given you and acknowledge where you are now.

  • 2020 Events + Memories
  • Reflecting on 2020
  • COVID-19 Reflection
  • Wheel of Life


PART 2: CLEAR & CLARIFY - Discover how this past year has changed you and your values. Acknowledge the person you have become and what you need to keep moving forward.

  • Top 5 Values
  • Value Reflection
  • Energy Audit - Tasks
  • Energy Audit - People


PART 3: 2021 - Set your sights on 2021 and create your intention for the year.

  • Bucket List
  • 2021 Theme
  • 2021 Theme Breakdown


PART 4: GOAL SETTING - Outline your main focus for the first quarter of the year.

  • Priorities pyramid
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Reference
  • Goal Outline
  • 2021 at a Glance


PART 5: VISION ANCHORS - Set yourself up for success by creating the tools to support your journey to accomplishing your goals this year.

  • Morning & Evening Routine
  • Affirmations
  • Visions Board



*BONUS* Downloads: 

  • Core Value Exercise
  • Q1 Calendar Download

*Note: Honesty + Integrity needed. 1 purchase = 1 person. We love when people use the Vision Journal as part of workshops, but please use the options in the drop-down menu to purchase the appropriate amount.*

About the pricing: Angel number 21 is all about unity, fulfillment, and happiness. When you see angel number 21 appear in your experience, it is an auspicious sign from your angels that you are on the verge of manifesting your desires on a large scale. $21 to represent 2021! 

To complete this Version of the 2021 Vision Journal you'll have to print out the pages or you can complete them on an iPad! 


How to Download: The download link will be emailed to you after completing your purchase! Look for an email from "Sellfy". It might end up in the "promotions" tab of your email. If you have any trouble reach out to me at [email protected]

Note: Be sure to select "fit to page" or "fit to printable space" when printing so nothing gets cut off! Make sure you can see the page numbers in the print preview.