20 top super-fast blues harp licks
Easy (Big Walter Horton) full song - blues harmonica lesson
Method: the secret to successful practice
Sittin' on Top of the World (Howlin' Wolf) harmonica lesson
Scratch My Back (Slim Harpo)
Tongue blocking e-course
Little Walter - Juke
Minor blues
Walking By Myself
Tongue slapping
Gary Primich - Doghouse
Tongue slapping
Little Walter - Last Night
Scales for blues 12th position
Vibrato and tremolo
Scales for blues 3rd
12 Bar Blue Structure
An introduction to 12th position
Overbends (overblows)
Octave splits 2: draw octaves
Octave splits 1: blow octaves
Tongue blocking
Bending 2 - blow bends
Bending 1 (draw bends)
Tongue blocking
Playing your first tunes
Getting great tone
Major scale exercises
Method: the secret to success
What are positions?
Single notes


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