@kyle.fredrickson Autumn Lightroom Presets

The @kyle.fredrickson “Autumn Preset Collection” contains 3 Lightroom (desktop) presets and 4 action tools all customized with earthy autumn tones created from the famous fall colors in Vermont.

Why purchase these presets?

Autumn is known for its incredible colors and earth tones. The best part about Autumn is the ability to create a consistent and aesthetic editing style for a wide variety of scenes and colors. I am a believer in simplicity and that the only way to create an aesthetic and consistent style is by working from a small number of base presets. In this collection there are 3 presets, each designed to maximize a specific fall base tone.

What’s Included
  • Autumn Vibes - Earthy Orange
    • Autumn earth tones
    • Emphasis on burnt orange and reds
    • Less yellow and green
  • Autumn Vibes - Earthy Yellow
    • Autumn earth tones
    • Emphasis on natural yellow and greens
    • Oranges push more yellow and reds push more orange
  • Autumn Vibes - Sunflowers and Pumpkins
    • Autumn themed earth tones
    • Saturation pulled back for a natural look
    • Great for portraits
  • Tool - Corner Haze (Bright)
    • Adds pop and light
    • Use offcentered from natural light source
    • Gives a dreamy glow effect
  • Tool - Corner Haze Warm (Bright)
    • Similar to the Corner Haze, but adds warmth
    • Can be used to really emphasize the sun
  • Tool - Darken Bottom
    • Draws the viewers attention upwards
    • Eyes are naturally drawn away from dark and toward light
  • Tool - Vignette (Emphasize Center)
    • Used to bring attention to the subject
    • More natural than the lightroom Vignette tool
  • Help Guide
    • PDF tutorial on how to add lightroom presets
    • Tips and Tricks Guide on how I edit
    • Video edit tutorial

These are designed specifically for desktop versions of Adobe Lightroom.
Designed for RAW photo formats.
In a perfect world, the presets will be a one click edit. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. Each photo will require a bit of tweaking once preset applied (See tutorial included). Often this includes things like exposure and white balance adjustments.