@Kyle.Fredrickson Travel Presets

The @kyle.fredrickson “Travel Preset Collection” contains 19 Lightroom (desktop) presets customized for a specific location with its unique colors, lighting, and mood. 

By creating travel inspired styles that are influenced directly by their location, there is no second guessing what preset to use and when. Just apply the preset that most closely matches the location or style of the photo.

Why purchase these presets?

I’ve been there. I’ve bought presets from others. The problem, is you never know what preset to use with what photo, or what to do after applying. My goal is to leverage the skills developed in editing 10,000+ photos and package them up in a way that makes the most sense – popular travel location specific. This way as long as the scenes resemble the location from the preset, a single click should lay a solid foundation for minor tweaks such as exposure and white balance. My ultimate goal is that you learn from the presets and over time, start to turn them into your own and unique desired style.

Whats included?
  • 19 stylized presets influenced by popular travel destinations.
  • PDF tutorial
    • How to install on Desktop Lightroom
    • How to tweak preset for your image
    • Tips and tricks
  • Video tutorial
  • These are designed specifically for desktop versions of Adobe Lightroom.
  • Designed for RAW photo formats.
  • In a perfect world, the presets will be a one click edit. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. Each photo will require a bit of tweaking once preset applied (See tutorial included). Often this includes things like exposure and white balance adjustments.