Joel [Chapter 1 - 3]

Joel (about 830 BC)
The Complete Bible Commentary By Dan Bertran Griffey
Chapter 1 - 3

Joel was a prophet to the Kingdom of Judah, the Southern Kingdom. Joel teaches us the judgments of the Lord and how they preceded the captivity and destruction of a nation, and how the Lord uses natural disasters to try to turn a nation from wickedness. Joel is sent to the Kingdom of Judah in its mid-life period as it is turning from the Lord. He prophesies 175 years after Solomon’s Kingdom is broken up and 210 years before Babylon takes it captive.

Joel reveals to us about the coming dreadful “Day of the Lord” [which takes place in the last two years of the 7-year Tribulation Period]. He foretells a great harvest of souls that is yet to come. He tells us of the actions of the prophetical Gog in the book of Ezekiel. He reveals to us hidden secrets of the Antichrist and his kingdom.