The Fundamentals - eBook & Video Course (Duo Bundle)

This duo package of:


  • Pilates eBook
  • 6 x one hour Video Training Course

Will give you a good understanding & practical application of the fundamentals of Pilates.


Whether keen to begin or develop your Pilates Journey, the foundation of this genius pilates method is key.

It is the strong base upon which we build, & in my mind vital to progress a pilates journey well.


Pilates eBook:


Join me for this step by step guide in eBook format to discover your Pilates Powerhouse, the energy centre to a long, strong body & a connected mind.


Join Katharine Jemmett (@ksjbodycontrol) as she draws from over 20 years of teaching Pilates, to present the Pilates Powerhouse in Everyday Movement.

This book is a practical way to both prepare for & enhance your Pilates journey whether a beginner or advanced student.

- Over 200 pages of detailed instruction with full colour photos.

- Easy to follow visual cues as featured in Katharine's daily Instagram posts.

- Instant download in PDF format for your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop.


- Fast secure payment via PayPal.


- Available to purchase at a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 Pilates lesson.

Join Katharine as she takes you on a guided, life changing journey of good movement EVERY day!


The Fundamentals - The Building Blocks of (Classical) Pilates

This course of six one hour instructional classes is available for all abilities from novice right through to instructor. 

Whether you are wanting to understand or review the Pilates Foundations in everyday movement or access/develop the complete Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire, this Video Course is for you.

This comprehensive training will cover the following:

▪️Session One: Pilates in Standing & Sitting 
- The Invisible Mat
- The Pull & The Push
- The Pilates Powerhouse

▪️Session Two: Connect To Your Mat
- Strip It Back
- The Breath
- Challenge Your Powerhouse

▪️Session Three: Spinal Mobility - Flexion With Length
- The Curl Up
- The C-Curve
- The Roll Back

▪️Session Four: Spinal Mobility - Extension With Length 
- The Cobra
- Hip Extension
- Swimming Prep
- Swan Dive Prep

▪️Session Five: Spinal Mobility - Rotation With Length
- Spine Twist
- Four Point Kneeling Rotation
- Side-Lying Powerhouse Challenge

▪️Session Six: Bringing It All Together - Flow
- Moving As One Fully Integrated Whole

This complete six session matwork training will equip & prepare your mind & body to begin my Classical Pilates Instructional Classes, whether live or pre-recorded, & enable you to integrate the Pilates Fundamentals in everyday living. 


I so hope you'll join me to experience the life giving benefits of this incredible Pilates Journey, please do get in touch via my website  should you have any queries, I would love to hear from you.

 With much love,

 Katharine xxx