Saturday 20th June 2020 - NECK PULL

Join me every third Saturday of each month between 2 & 4 pm (UK Time) for my two hour Classical Pilates 'Strip-Back' Workshop, live streamed & fully interactive via Zoom, where we literally strip back one of the Matwork Classics in the order in which they were originally set.

Each live streamed Workshop is now being recorded & uploaded to my Training Resources Shop here, so as we progress through the series, you will be able to play catch up by joining previous months Sessions.

I have been running this monthly Instructor Workshop in the UK for 18 months now, hence this month, month 18, we meet the joy of Neck Pull!!!

The format of this two hour Workshop is as follows:

  • We begin in Standing to find our balance & centre
  • We focus on the relationship of the pelvis, spine & shoulder girdle with the all important feet, as this relationship is integral to the Classical Work on the mat
  • We work some of the Classical exercises in Standing
  • Transition to the mat
  • Connect with our mat via release, the breath, & the genius two way opposing energy of pilates opposition, & begin to work with the Powerhouse
  • We are then ready to work with, break down & build back together the Neck Pull.
  • We work a short fully instructed whole body Classical Flow together to include Neck Pull, always aiming to move the body as one fully integrated whole
  • And finish with a Q&A Session
The aim of this workshop is to give Instructors a space to take a step back from their teaching, to connect within their own bodies, listen to the cues, feeeeel the Work, & from this, new cues & hopefully those joyful allelulia moments spring forth!!

1:1 Training & Instructor Mentoring are also available via Skype & Zoom should you have any specific problems you would like to work through, & provides a space to literally troubleshoot the mat & receive further support & understanding where needed.

Do let me know if you have any queries,  I'd love to hear from you.

With much love,

Katharine xxx

  • Once you have paid & booked for this session, download the ZOOM APP & I shall email the link for you to join the class.
  • Please note that I will send the workshop link to the email you used to pay for this workshop, along with an enrolment form for you to complete & return to me.
  • Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries - my email is: [email protected]
  • I can't wait to meet & work with you!!