PILATES PACK: Magic Circle Classes 4-6 (Running Time 182 Minutes)

Join me for three fully instructed Progressive Classical Pilates Classes using the Magic Circle to help focus the energy & make the Classical Rep more accessible.  

Together we work through a balanced selection of whole body exericses from the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertorie, moving in the original Classical order, each classic preparing both mind & body for the one which follows.

Comprised in this pack is:

Class 4  (64 Minutes):
Standing to Centre & Connect . Heel Lifts & Lowers . Trasition to Mat . Hundred . Shoulder Series . Roll Up . Roll Over . One Leg Circle . Rolling . Spine Stretch Forward . Open Leg Rocker . One Leg Kick . Double Leg Kick . Thigh Stretch . Neck Pull . Spine Twist . Side Lying: - Chalk Circle - Side Stretch . Teaser . Boomerang . Swimming . Quadruped Push Up . Leg Pull . Front Prep . Downward Dog . Roll Up through Spine . Heel & Arm Raises & Lowers

Class 5 (60 Minutes):
Standing to Centre & Connect . Hundred Standing . Transition to Mat . Roll Up . Roll Over . One Leg Circle . Rolling . Spine Stretch Forward . Open Leg . Rocker . Saw . Cobra with Hip Extension . Shoulder Bridge with Leg Extension . Jackknife . Side Lying: - Bicycle - Reverse Bicycle . Teaser . Swimming . Boomerang . Seal to Standing . Roll Down . Push Up . Downward Dog . Heel & Arm Raises & Lowers

Class 6 (58 Minutes):
Standing to Centre & Connect . Heel Lifts & Lowers . Transition to Mat . Hundred . Roll Up . Roll Over . Rolling . Single Leg Stretch . Double Leg Stretch . Spine Stretch Forward . Open Leg Rocker . One Leg Kick . Double Leg Kick . Rest Position . Shoulder Bridge with Leg Extension . Spine Twist . Grand Ronde De Jambe . Teaser . Swimming . Kneeling Side Kick . Leg Pull Back Prep . Seal to Standing . Roll Down . Leg Pull Front Prep . Push Up in Quadruped . Downward Dog . Roll Up through Spine . Heel & Arm Lifts & Lowers

The focus in my Classes is always:
  • Connecting to your mat
  • The set up of each exercise with low reps of 3 - 6 to ensure quality & effective work
  • Establishing & FEELING where the all important energy is placed to keep our minds & bodies working as one fully integrated whole.

Once purchased, these resources are yours to download, keep & view/practise as many times as you wish; no subscription fee, they are yours!!

I am so keen to provide training options for all budgets, so as many people as possible can benefit from the transformative elements of the Classical Pilates Matwork.

I hope the training resources within this comprehensive pack will inform, educate, empower & bring about a positive change to the way in which you connect your minds & bodies, not only on the mat, but in everyday movement too.

The verbal & visual cues & instruction are the same as written in my daily Instagram posts, so please come join me on my mat each week as I share what I have learned over the last 22 years of teaching, & how to access the depth of this transformative Pilates Method.

1:1 Training & Instructor Mentoring are also available via Zoom or Skype should you have any specific problems you would like to work through, & provides a space to literally troubleshoot the mat & receive further support & understanding where needed.

For full details, please check out my website: 


I would love to work with you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With much love,

Katharine xxx

Videos optimised for mobile, tablet or laptop in Quicktime MP4 format (Total Running Time 182 minutes).