MAT Class 16 - Fully Instructed (Running Time: 67 Minutes)

Welcome to week sixteen of my fully instructed Classical Pilates Classes, live-streamed worldwide via Zoom, & recorded unedited for you to download & practise at any time, as many times as you wish.

It also enables those joining later on in the series to play catch up, & begin with the all important foundation if necessary..

Each Wednesday between 10 & 11 am (UK time) we follow a good proportion of the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire, with focus on:

  • Connecting to your mat
  • The set up of each exercise
  • Establishing & FEELING where the all important energy is placed to ensure our minds & bodies work as one fully integrated whole.

Exercises covered in this video are a progression from week fourteen & include:

  • Standing to Centre & Connect
  • Transition to Mat
  • Hundred
  • Roll Up
  • Roll Over
  • One Leg Circle
  • Rolling
  • Single Leg Stretch
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Spine Stretch Forward
  • Open Leg Rocker
  • Saw
  • Cobra
  • Hip Extension
  • Cobra with Hip Extension
  • High Scissors
  • Bicycle
  • Reverse Bicycle
  • Shoulder Bridge
  • Jackknife
  • Side Lying Big Circle/Grand Rond De Jambe
  • Teaser
  • Boomerang
  • Leg Pull Back
  • Control Balance Prep
  • Leg Pull Front
  • Quadruped to Push Up
  • Downward Dog
  • Roll Up through Spine to Standing
  • Heel & Arm Raises & Lowers

The verbal & visual cues & instruction are the same as written in my daily Instagram posts, so please come join me on my mat each week as I share what I have learned over the last 22 years of teaching, & how to access the depth of this transformative Pilates Method.

1:1 Training & Instructor Mentoring are also available via Zoom or Skype should you have any specific problems you would like to work through, & provides a space to literally troubleshoot the mat & receive further support & understanding where needed.

For full details, please check out my website:

I would love to work with you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With much love,

Katharine xxx

Videos optimised for mobile, tablet or laptop in Quicktime MP4 format - 67 mins running time.