WORKSHOP 1 - Classical 'Strip-Back' The Cobra (130 mins)

Welcome to my monthly two hour Classical Pilates Workshop which was live-streamed on March 21st 2020 via Skype & recorded for you to download & practise/view at any time, as many times as you wish.

This Workshop has been running at Hassocks Sports Centre, Sussex UK, for Instructors for the past 15 months, & each month I take one exercise from the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire in the order that it was set, I strip it back & rebuild to accommodate all levels.

Month 1 was the Hundred, & this month we have reached The Cobra, a fabulous back extension exercise, working the whole body.

The format for this two hour workshop is as follows:
  • We begin in Standing to find our balance & centre
  • We focus on the relationship of the pelvis, spine & shoulder girdle with the all important feet, as this relationship is integral to the Classical Work on the mat
  • We work some of the Classical exercises in Standing
  • Transition to the mat
  • Connect with our mat via release, the breath, & the genius two way opposing energy of pilates opposition, & begin to work with the Powerhouse
  • We are then ready to work with the Cobra, find what we need to prep the body for back extension, & then work together to build the exercise in stages, & look at some variations too
  • Finally we work a short fully instructed whole body Classical Flow together, including the work of Cobra, but being sure to move the body as one fully integrated whole

I so hope you enjoy & find this time helpful, if you have any questions or would like to delve further into this phenomenal Pilates Method, then do join me at one of my weekly online Classical Workouts, or come receive some Instructor Mentoring & train with me 1:1 via Skype.

All of these options are available worldwide, please see full details on my website

With much love,

Katharine xxx

Videos optimised for mobile, tablet or laptop in Quicktime MP4 format - running time 130 mins.