Online ONE TO ONE TRAINING Session (1 hour) (Course of 6 available with one Session FREE)

Come join me for a virtual 1:1 Pilates Training Session via Zoom.

I have been training both clients, instructors & students of all ages, genders & abilities very successfully via Zoom & Skype Worldwide for a number of years now & it's a great way to work!

Whether a beginner needing to understand & more importantly feel the Pilates basics as a foundation to their Classical journey, or more advanced student needing to troubleshoot the Classical Mat, work through any struggles or niggles in their own body, or somewhere inbetween, please do get in touch & we can begin to work a plan to meet your needs.

Very visual in my cueing, as seen on my daily instagram posts, I work with the same attention to detail in all my training sessions, to ensure this genius Classical Pilates Method is understood & worked right from the inside out wih each & every indiviidual I meet.

I so look forward to hearing from you, & please do get in touch should you have any questions.

With much love,

Katharine xxx