Online INSTRUCTOR MENTORING Session ( 1 hour) (Course of 6 available with one Session FREE)

  • How can I improve my own technique?
  • What can I do to develop confidence in my own body?
  • How can I improve my cueing?
  • Who do I speak to about complex client conditions?
  • What is the difference between Pilates & the Classcial Work?
  • How do I build my own business?
  • How do I begin to make a presence on Social Media?
  • How do I switch my business to online?
  • How do I most effectively & authentically adapt my teaching & business in the midst of the current pandemic?
These are just a few of the questions I have been asked by numerous Pilates Instructors worldwide.

I now work online with many Instructors worldwide on an ongoing basis to help them develop confidence within their own bodies, deepen their own pilates practise, & support them with the more complex clients where for example, cross referral may be necessary.

I also advise on how best to integrate the invaluable tool of Social Media into your business, as an area which has grown rapidly within my own Practice, opening up numerous opportunities to teach both in the UK & Internationally.

And now of course with a worldwide pandemic upon us, online teaching & finding new ways to adapt in order to keep our us & our businesses alive & relevant are very real. 

Teaching in front of a screen, whether live or recorded, is a skill in itself!!

How do we begin to work through our own fears whilst remaining authentic & professional & at the same time, meeting the needs of those we are teaching?

The struggle is real, & I am here to help & support you..

Drawing from my own experience of 23 years of teaching, including:

  • Challenges in my own body
  • Self confidence issues
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Working with my own Mentor to delve deep to explore, understand & FEEL the Classical Mat
  • Working through specific & very current worldwide challenges:
  • - Being in front of a camera
  • - Filming
  • - Presenting
  • - Creating & developing Workshops, Courses & Tutorials, both online & in person

I am here to draw from my struggles, difficulties, & allelulia moments in order to help YOU find YOUR most authentic & truthful way forward.

Authenticity works & love paves the way.. 

Please do get in touch if you need support with your own Pilates Journey or that of your business, or both; I would be so happy to see how I can help & enable you to find your most authentic you.

With much love,

Katharine xxx