6 Session Video Course: 'The Fundamentals - The Building Blocks of Classical Pilates'

The Fundamentals - The Building Blocks of (Classical) Pilates

This course of six one hour instructional classes is available for all abilities from novice right through to instructor.

Whether you are wanting to understand or review the Pilates Foundations in everyday movement or access/develop the complete Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire, this Video Course is for you.

This comprehensive training will cover the following:

▪️Session One: Pilates in Standing & Sitting 
- The Invisible Mat
- The Pull & The Push
- The Pilates Powerhouse

Here we look at the relationship of pelvis, spine & shoulder girdle with the feet, & the two way opposing energy of Pilates Opposition (also known as 'The Pull & The Push') which, with the breath, creates the long strong energy centre to power & lead our movements in every day living. 

▪️Session Two: Connect To Your Mat
- Strip It Back

- The Breath
- Challenge Your Powerhouse

Taking what we have learned in Standing & Sitting, & bringing it to the Mat.

Here we begin our relationship with the Mat & use it to receive the feedback needed to develop length & strength through the frame of the body.
We then bring in the use of our levers, the arms & legs, to challenge our long strong Powerhouse, listening within to begin to assess how much powerhouse is needed to facilitate a given movement pattern.

▪️Session Three: Spinal Mobility - Flexion With Length
- The Curl Up

- The C-Curve
- The Roll Back

Developing the use of our Powerhouse to move the spine in Flexion.. We look at the Curl Up & the Pilates ‘C’ Curve, which forms the foundation of many of the Classical Pilates Exercises such as the Roll Up, the Rolling Exercises & 'The Series of Five’

▪️Session Four: Spinal Mobility - Extension With Length
- The Cobra
- Hip Extension
- Swimming Prep
- Swan Dive Prep

Beginning to work in Prone Lying, we maintain an elongated spine via a connected Powerhouse, & move both hip & spine into extension with Classical Exercises such as the Cobra, the prep for Swimming, & a Swan Dive Prep.

▪️Session Five: Spinal Mobility - Rotation With Length
- Spine Twist

- Four Point Kneeling Rotation
- Side-Lying Powerhouse Challenge

Moving the spine in Rotation by first creating an elongated frame in long sitting ready for Spine Twist, & then four point kneeling ready for 'Threading The Needle'.
We then move into Side Lying to prep mind & body for the Side Lying Leg Series of the Classical Pilates Matwork Rep. 

▪️Session Six: Bringing It All Together - Flow
- Moving As One Fully Integrated Whole

A fully cued Pilates Flow working through all of the above to create a WHOLE mind & body workout moving right from the inside out WITH LENGTH

Exercises covered are:

  • Standing to Centre
  • Standing One Hundred 3 Ways
  • Transition to Mat
  • Connect To Mat: Knee Drops/Leg & Arm Slides/Straight Leg Lift
  • The Curl Up
  • Single Leg Stretch
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • The C-Curve
  • Rolling
  • Spine Twist
  • The Saw
  • Four Point Kneeling Spine Twist
  • The Cobra
  • Hip Extension
  • Swimming Prep
  • Rest Position
  • Side Lying Leg Series:
  • - Forward & Back
  • - Small Circles
  • - Glut Stretch
  • Push Up in Quadruped
  • Step Back into Front Plank
  • Downward Dog
  • Hammy Stretch
  • Roll Up Through Spine
  • Lifts & Lower
  • Re-centre to End

This complete six session matwork training will equip & prepare your mind & body to begin my Classical Pilates Instructional Classes, whether live or pre-recorded, & enable you to integrate the Pilates Fundamentals in everyday living. 


Please do get in touch if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you! 

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Sending much love & I look forward to working together,

Katharine xxx