Black Oustory DVD (Download)

BLACK OUSTORY BY KRS-One is a Black Studies thesis which not only questions our African American collective perception of Slavery and its effects on what we think of ourselves today, but Black Oustory also argues that authentic “Black” History as well as authentic “African American” History is actually non-existent because of the ways in which we approach History itself as well as Time; both of which have their educational foundations in colonial culture and ITS interests. Such an objective approach to our historical Black being is foundationally wrong for our actual Black existence. To accurately document OUR Black existence in time and space we are going to have to re-think our approach to History itself and how we are going to create our past.  Slaves are told their history; free people create their history! It’s time for Black folks to re-think what we think of our past and our approaches to our time and to our space(s)

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